> Take the Hero Honda anthem off the air

Launched: 9/15/08
Signatures: 21

Unless you’ve had your TV tuned permanently to Aashta, there is no way you could have missed the virtual roadblock of the Indian airwaves inflicted upon us by DraftFCB and client Hero Honda, who decided to spend a lot of money this weekend on their 25th anniversary broadcasting an atrocity in the guise of an ad/music video/mile sur mera tumhara-update called ‘Dhak Dhak Go‘.

Err...not this one, unfortunatelyErr…not this one, unfortunately

Good intentions aside, this ultimately boring bit of communication suffers on every count and deserves to quickly become a notorious footnote in history.

We are hosting a petition online to ask Hero Honda to spare us many more three-minute (yes – the ad is THAT long) pods of pain and to take the commercial off the air. Please sign here if you support us, and/or read on if you need convincing…

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