> Stop the MMS Scandals

Launched: 02/19/2009
Signatures: 17

In our country of many, where privacy is extremely rare, does the shame of chancing upon a naked moment – spotting someone crapping in public,  overhearing an emotional cell phone conversation, or even receiving a link to the latest scandalous MMS – rest upon the voyuer?

One might argue that there is no such thing as the Indian exhibitionist, as the public-private divide here is thinner than a Chinese paper wall in a Soviet family apartment.

Having said that, I refuse to allow myself and the poor victim of the latest exploitative MMS scandal to be shamed and resolve not to download, watch or share the said clip. I ask you to do the same and to sign this petition in support of the girl and all Indian women who are tormented so routinely by the unrelenting public gaze.

UPDATE: Seriously good news! The local TV news channels have apparently blanked out coverage of the MMS story – in a remarkable display of restraint and self-censorship. Although the event is tailor-made for the salacious agenda of our news/entertainment editors no one seems to have broken rank and they must all be congratulated for this. I never thought I’d see the day when I would credit Arnav Goswami for his maturity – a real what to think?! moment.


YET ANOTHER UPDATE: The sadist behind this crime has additionally been charged under the IT Act – for hacking into his victim’s email to circulate the offensive clip. According to DSP Ram Kumar Mallik, the case has already been registered under section 506 and 507 (threat to murder) of the IPC as the victim’s family have not complained about the MMS scandal. “The girl’s kin have alleged that the youth called her on February 18 and threatened to kill her if she tried to complain to police about the scandal,” he said.  While the criminal remains at large, I think it’s safe to say that he’s going down.


Sep 3, 2014

AND, MANY YEARS LATER:  You can scope out the various dimensions of the latest violation of privacy brought to you by the good folks who continue to reinvent the internet here:



We’ve talked about this before – it’s a moral issue on which you do have a choice –  you can choose not to watch.

And you shouldn’t

One comment

  1. whattothink

    I just realized that my response to this event certainly had a precedent in the small moral distinction drawn in Anurag Kashyap’s fresh Dev D – that of the vast majority bearing complicity in these acts through our bare curiosity and lack of response.


    I can tell you that I am yearning to perform the simple google search which would tap me into this girl’s shame and provide that fleeting sense of titillation, schadenfreude and twisted validation. However I fighting the noble fight to retain my sense of decency. I hope you consider it a worthy cause too…

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