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Now there's a faceless mob

A few of my facebook buddies

Spend some time trying to guess who’s in and out of this fantastic agglomeration of history’s whodunits.

We’re also hoping to use the power of the internet to identify the creator of this staggering work – so please come forward with any clues.

Have an interesting 2009


Mario Poppen thinks that this looks like the work of Peter Brueghel the elder (or a much later descendant of his, at any rate)


Thanks to Internet Search Genius Anant Pandit for the discovery, below.

“This painting is called “discussing the divine comedy with dante” by “Dai Dudu” These are all the people in the painting that has been found by the helpful commenters so far, we are still missing 3 people:
_____________________Abraham Lincoln.
Adolf Hitler
Albert Einstein
Ariel Sharon
Audrey Hepburn
Benito Mussolini
Bill Clinton
Bill Gates
Bruce Lee
Chang Kai Chek
Charles de Gaulle
Charles Dogson (Lewis Caroll)
Charlie Chaplin
Che Guevara
Claude Monet
Cui Jian
Dante Alighieri
Deng Xiaoping
Dwight Eisenhower or John Calvin Coolridge
Elivis Presley
Empress Cixi
Erich Honecker
Ernest Hemingway
Fidel Castro
Franklin Roosevelt
Freidrich Nietzsche
General George Custer
Genghis Kahn
George W. Bush
Guan Yu
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec
Henry Ford
Hideki Tojo
Ho Chi Minh
Johan Wolfgang Von Geothe
Jose Francisco San Martin
Josef Stalin
Juilus Ceasar
Karl Marx
King Solomon or Ramses or Sinuhe of Egypt
Kofi Annan
Lao Tolstoy
Lao Zi
Lei Feng
Leonardo Di Vinci
Li Bai or Caravaggio
Liu Xiang
Lu Xun
Luciano Pavarotti
Ludwig Van Beethoven or Chopin
Mahatma Ghandi
Mao Zhedong
Marcel Duchamp
Margaret Thatcher
Marilyn Monroe
Marlon Brando
Martin Lutero
Michael Jordan
Mike Tyson
Mikhail Gorbachev
Mother Theresa
Napoleon Bonaparte
Norman Bethun
Osama Bin Laden
Otto Von Bismarck
Pablo Picasso
President Hu Jintao
Prince Charles
Prince Charles
Qin Shi Huang
Queen Elizabeth II
Rabindranath Tagore
Raphael Sanzio
Robert Openheimer
Saddam Hussein
Saloth Sar
Salvandor Dali
Shirley Temple
Sigmund Freud
Stephen Spielberg.
Sun Yat-sen
Tsar Peter I
Ulysses S. Grant
Vincent Van Gogh
Vladimir Putin
William Shakespeare
Winston Churchill
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Yassar Arafat
Yi Sun-sin Lider

Zhou Enlai


Further update:

The name of the painting is “Discussing the Divine Comedy with Dante”
Artists are: Dai Dudu, Li Tiezi, and Zhang
Originally it was made in 2006 , oil on canvas, 600 x 260 cm…
The above link has names of the personalities as well


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  2. Natalie

    What are the three pictures you are missing?

  3. whattothink

    I haven’t been able to figure that out, but I would vote for the Marx Bros as being obvious exclusions from the list

  4. Lynn

    although the style appears to be that of Breughel, the time periods of many of the subjects of this painting are waaaay past his time. also, a relative would be possible, but i dont know of any famous descendents. my guess is that maybe it is someone who has been considerably influenced by the styles Breughel and Bosch. as for the pictures i’m going with Beethoven for the pianist, and you have Prince Charles listed for two different pictures…

  5. I left out Osama…haha.. He’s always hiding, no wonder!

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