Keeping Indian Media Honest…. since [many years before] 2008

+ About What to Think –

This is a tirade against the rising vapidity of our society – portrayed in the pop culture barometer of its advertising and mass media. Employing a half-assed blend of amateur anthropology, cultural trendspotting, unsound business analysis, guesswork and strategic plagiarism, we intend to call out similarly mindless, lazy and insidious commercial media [and it’s all commercial these days] created and perpetrated with surprising regularity by untrained and shallow practitioners, and blessed by negligent clients and curators, who really should just know better but who are otherwise occupied – too busy trying to pour patina into our baby bird consumer beaks and too busy romancing the product launch society pages to even notice the fact that we’re choking and in the bargain bringing up the entire gut lining of our bellies which carries any and all traces of tradition, individuality, independent thinking and, ultimately self-respect

p.s. if this rambling, over-indulgent stream of consciousness, which smacks of misplaced nostalgia and grammatical indiscipline, and which suggests a failed copywriting and/or magazine caption writing career irks you, dear reader, please feel free to reach your own boil and send in your suggestions/comments/retractions/submissions to As that great mass comm genius (and father of our procasti-nation) suggested, “Be the change you want to see….” Or, better yet, as my grandfather used to say, “Free food will motivate anyone.” He was full of good advice. Might even have advised me against rambling. More than once.


  1. angela

    You mean this requires a dictionary and reading everything 3 times to get it? – surprise surprise.
    You go – not failed at anything – person.
    Love xxxx

    P.s. What about the souffle? or is it all just hot air?

  2. whattothink

    Hey – you’re not allowed to comment on the “about” section – that’s sacred and what your doing is profane

  3. 006 and a half.....(in low deeeep bass voice) Baby, I'm nearly there

    Q for Agony Uncle: Which PILL do you recommend? Am bombarded by numerous pharmacy-mail ads which say mine-is-the-best. Or should one rely on our inability to discern?

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