Lisa’s Ray of Hope

This one just smacks of god-awful opportunism

It’s bad enough that the local press has (perhaps with the assistance of a really cynical PR antichrist) gone to town highlighting Lisa Ray’s uphill battle with cancer – just when she has a rare film release in town. Her story also dominated headlines at the Toronto International Festival, where she’s debuting another film.

But then I saw this retreaded Garden Vareli advert today, from way back in the 90s, on Star Cricket during a Champions League telecast.

Is Garden still a going concern even? What business does it have running an ad on a live telecast of the India-Pak Champions League cricket match? Will the memory of a not-quite-silently suffering Lisa help sell yards of chintzy chiffon? Or is this simply a really ill-advised instance of Cancer Porn?

Follow Lisa’s candid and heartbreaking confessional here.

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