UPDT: I’ve just discovered there’s more than one twit in twitter. Turns out that the paradigm-shifting service doesn’t deliver msgs to Indian mobiles – making it yet another landmark in the existential landscape of doozy product introductions/immigration into the Indian market. This list includes such greats as those ‘automated’ Nescafe dispensers, which somehow required an attendant to help run them, the first large-scale generation of BMW imports, which shut down in tandem one summer day when their computer chips fried in the local heat, etc


We’re A-TWTR!

After spending years in secret beta testing – a painful process which involved:
1. Abu Gharib-styled torture methods to reign myself into SMS-sized thoughts
2. Machiavellian and yet unsuccessful negotiations with the owner of “@whattothink” in an attempt to coerce him into handing over that address to its rightful owner – yours truly. Don’t ever sign up for his tweets – he’s a hard man who wouldn’t buckle, even when I eventually wept like a little girl over a skype video chat with him, while playing my best emo music in the background and having my infant son dash in and out of the picture asking for money for food.
3. Working myself into a frenzy over the woeful lack of crucial and instant consumer decision support, which was putting our good citizens at the mercy of marketing tricksters – see entry on local movie murketing. This effort bridges the gap between what to think and what to do
WTT has finally arrived on Twitter!

Sign up for the mobile updates, lrn 2 rd anyng shrthnd,  see if this new technology will help improve my current blog rate of one new post every other month (at least you won’t be bombarded by annoying updates about every degree of latitude I turn)

We march boldly into the future

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