Vote for Rahman

JAI HO! to the Congress (I) for taking the legal route and licensing the rights to use Rehman’s lilting Slumdog sensation as its official electioneering anthem. One would hope that it brings them better luck than the song Chak De did in the prior Gujrat election, where they effectively got chucked for ignoring the tactless ‘Gujrat Shining’ story.

It will be interesting to see what optional anthems the opposition parties consider – the BJP has claimed first responder advantage by composing the Weird Al-styled Bhay Ho. The Congress is considering legal action (for copyright infringement, no less).

The lack of copyright protection has virtually obliterated the Indian music industry. In an extremely ironic twist – the rights to Jai Ho have been purchased from T-Series, who many argue is the original and largest pirate on our shores, and which is now the driving force behind the newfound zeal of Phonographic Performance Limited, the industry’s royalty monitoring agency. The PPL, acting for T-Series, has recently sued ENIL (RadioMirchi), rediff, yahoo, scores of party promoters and even two separate bunches of chinese pirates who had ripped off the T-Series label and the ’’ url respectively. The entire story would be laughable if it weren’t for the assassination of T-Series founder, Gulshan Kumar at the hands of extortionists rumoured to be acting on the behalf of parties he had slighted in the past.

ALSO: If you haven’t registered to vote yet, or don’t yet have your voter ID card, please log on to where you can automatically generate the forms, addresses, etc for such an application. It’s embarrassingly simple, so you’ve got no excuses left…


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