Size Matters…especially if you’re an Ambani

Hope the batteries are included

So big...I can barely hold it!!

So the BIG boys are finally here with their TV offering – after years spent in a clandestine beta program, billions spent on a content land grab like no other, and, surprisingly, without the services of a certain commercially spent star clan with whom the parent company has a seriously fishy (very jingha lala) and cloying alliance.

And while the BIG TV commercial speaks telegraphically and in a mildly humourous manner about the larger-than-life experience of the product (certainly more interestingly than Shah Rukh Khan’s wish-y washy number for competitor Dish TV), the outdoor gets straight to the point with the execution, pictured here, of a clearly suggestive ‘Bigger is so much more satisfying’ theme.

Honestly, the brand custodians at ADAG have shown remarkable restraint, thus far. When they unveiled the BIG brand, I fully expected the Brothers Ambani saga to devolve quickly from “Bhai ho to aisa” to “Mine is biggest”, but “TV ho to BIG TV ho” took a long time coming. You don’t have to be a Dan Brown-loving, fanatical conspiracy theorist to see the obvious phallic symbolism evident in the “Reliance Apex”, the design of which was reputedly brought in, curtailing the services of the mighty Landor and Prophet.

Am now very excited to see if the more reticent folks at Reliance (“Classic”, “Original”, “Bigger”? What is the correct suffix for the “other” company?) will respond to the provocation – or whether they will take the high road and redefine the game by allowing ADAG to be a big fish in a smaller pond.



  1. amitabh bhai… mere ko BIG action mein yahaan aakar dekho…

  2. akhileshgupta

    Hi Readers,

    I just wanted to share my worst experience with “Reliance BIG TV” DTH Service.
    First of all I request everybody not to purchase “Reliance BIG TV” connection.

    Well, to start with I have taken BIG TV “Set Top Box” on 31/Aug/2008 “Invoice No. 0101038073” from one of the Main Web World, Mehdipatnam Branch (Hyderabad).
    I think initially as a company while selling the product, web world person has to inform me about all the future requirements from my side, but they have not given any kind of information.
    Actually, one Work Order ID is required in order to have installation for BIG TV, that we can get after calling customer care of BIG TV.
    But because they have not informed me that I hvae to call Customre care, it was delayed for 2 days, and by chance I called for some other reason on 02/Sep/2008 and got my work order ID.
    Even after having my work order ID, I have not recieved any call from the Installation team for Installation, I raised complaint for the same also for so many times, but none of any use.

    Almost everyday for more than 1.5 hours I was calling for any kind of solution and spoke to around more than 12 representatives, to name some of them are :- Sheetal, Usha, Bhaven, Ganesh, Priya and so on and escalated the same issue to some of the senior members as well they are:- Rahul and Bhuvneshwari.
    Everybody was saying the same thing repeatedly “we are sorry for the inconvinience caused, it will be done asap……etc…..”.

    Till today, i.e. 12/SEP/2008 more than 12 days after purcahse of STB, I am still waiting for the installation…..??? and still have no update….

    One more intersting thing, I called to ask “is it possible to return the STB because of bad services”, the representative straight forward answered “just go to the web world and return back the STB, they will refund the money”, they people are not even concerned about the problem and reason why I asked to return it back.

    Finally, I request everybody again PLZ PLZ PLZ never go for “Reliance BIG TV”, only name is BIG, everything else is small.
    For any kind of details or assistance you can reach me at “09966222601” or “”.
    Go for TATA SKY, DISHTV or SUN DIRECT, but not for BIGTV…….!

    Have a Good Day,
    Akhilesh Gupta,

  3. whattothink


    I presume that your troubles are due to demand mismanagement and do empathize. I only hope you didn’t cut your cable off in the meantime, for your would have missed the Hero Honda commercial which has got the whole world talking.

    BIG could turn your woes to their advantage if they act quickly.
    They have already followed online best practice by hosting up a blog to highlight company policy, user comments, complaints, etc – and hopefully they are following up on the postings. In a particularly canny gesture (trying to appear neutral) or silly oversight, they use google ads – and the page displays offers from competitor dishtv.

    Let me know if you don’t get a response there.

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